Welcome to SPORT MATTERS, the Academy of Sport’s blog.

The Academy of Sport seeks to promote dialogue about sporting matters and issues. The views expressed are not necessarily the views of the Academy of Sport but rather the individual authors.

Two broad premises guide the work of the Academy: that sport has a part to play in addressing the challenges that face humanity in the 21st century and to serve as an independent think tank that addresses such challenges.

Building upon a remarkable sporting heritage at the University of Edinburgh dating back to at least 1591 – the Academy of Sport was born from a desire to serve communities locally and globally.

SPORT MATTERS is an important part of the Academy of Sport activities as it seeks to investigate the contribution that sport makes – to Development, Health, Social Justice, Environment, Politics, Local and Global Communities and more.

We use the blog space to share thoughts, evidence, ideas, and recommendations on key sporting issues and problems.

The Academy of Sport is a network of collaborators both within and external to the University of Edinburgh that aims is to establish a gathering place for the worlds of sport to meet in order to make a difference today. A gathering place for the exchange of ideas and sporting enlightenment.

At the heart of an international sporting landscape the Academy of Sport provides a home for ideas, solutions, students, staff, sporting communities and organizations to meet, develop and excel.

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