The Walk on Film

Five short films detailing Jonson’s journey through the English midlands in July and August 1618.

Viewers can follow his itinerary, see the sights, and learn more about his epic walk and the places through which he travelled. While the landscape has changed a lot in four hundred years, you’ll be surprised how much of what Jonson saw is still visible today!


Production: Top Story Media
Producer, director and narrator: John Newton
Script: James Loxley
Director of Photography and Post production: Steve Hills
Music: David Chilton
Actors: Sandy Peet & David Sousa
Casting and costume assistance: Julian Hanby
Costume: The Royal Shakespeare Company
Rights & Clearances: Anna Groundwater

With special thanks to:

English Heritage and the staff of Bolsover Castle
St Mary and St Laurence Church
St Mary’s Church Bottesford
George Buchanan
The Parish Church of St Mary Magdalene, Newark-on-Trent
Nottingham Building Society
The Prince Rupert, Newark
Nottingham County Council
Worksop Priory

Footage, stills, prints and maps:

English Heritage
Van Rhijn Aerial Photography
Wildside Productions
Cheshire Archives and Local Studies