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This page presents a series of resources aimed at learners of German language, with separate versions tailored towards Higher/Advanced Higher (or AS/A Level) and adult education classes. The resources include texts, activities, and vocabulary lists, and we will be adding new sets of materials over the course of the next year. Each set of materials will be accompanied by an English translation.

You are welcome to download the materials as PDF files free of charge. All that we ask is that you drop us an email at to let us know that you plan to use the material.

If any students would like to email us copies of the work that they produce, we would be delighted to feature extracts from it with their permission on this site.


Ulrich Mühe 1989: Jenseits von dem Film Das Leben der Anderen

BArch Bild 183-1989-1104-034 / Hubert Link

BArch Bild 183-1989-1104-034 / Hubert Link

2006 wurde der Schauspieler Ulrich Mühe durch seine Rolle in dem Film Das Leben der Anderen weltweit bekannt. Mühes eigene Erfahrungen in der DDR waren aber ganz anders als die Erfahrungen der Figur im Film…

Download materials in German and English translation for Higher/Advanced Higher students.

Download materials in German and English translation for adult education conversation classes.