‘Laws of nature, laws of God?’ – Science and Religion Forum 2014

‘Laws of nature, Laws of God?’ – a major conference organised by the Science and Religion Forum in Leeds, 4-6 September 2014. There is an excellent line up of plenary speakers, and there is a call for short papers (deadline 27th June). All are welcome. More details can be found here.

Plenary speakers:

Geoffrey Cantor (Leeds),

Nancy CartwrightFBA (Durham),

John Henry (Edinburgh),

Michela Massimi (Edinburgh),

Tom McLeishFRS (Durham),

Eric Priest FRSE, FRS (St Andrews)

Jonathan Topham (Leeds)


1 thought on “‘Laws of nature, laws of God?’ – Science and Religion Forum 2014

  1. Stars do not create life as many modern scientists propose. Stars only create the material, called atoms or physical matter, that gives life the ability to effectively evolve itself physically. This being so, life cannot be resolved to DNA which atoms are the building blocks of.

    The universal sentient Force that appears as various animate and inanimate natural laws governs not only the physical evolution of life, but also governs the evolution of the cosmos as a whole on all levels of manifestation: physical, psychological and spiritual.

    Modern scientists will never discern to any real depth of the ocean by only measuring its surface distance believing it to be its depth. And this is exactly what scientists do when they merely apply atomic and sub-atomic means to understanding the depths of the cosmos and the nature of its manifestation.

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