Ghost stories, science and religion, and time travel

The University has just released a new podcast for Halloween on its website, which explores ghost stories told in Scotland in previous centuries, and discusses their relevance for modern-day issues in science and religion (including time travel). This is what the webpage says:

“Why do stories of ghosts and time travel persist in an age of reason and logic? These uncanny subjects come under the spotlight in the latest, Halloween-themed, Big Idea podcast.

The academics on this month’s show include

  • Martha McGill from the School of History, Classics and Archaeology, who has organised Ghost Stories of the Scottish Enlightenment, to be held in the spooky surroundings of the Anatomy Lecture Theatre on Halloween evening.
  • Dr Mark Harris, lecturer in Science and Religion in the School of Divinity. A trained physicist and ordained church minister, Mark regularly blogs about science and belief on the University’s website.
  • Dr Alasdair Richmond, from the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences, who teaches, among other subjects, the philosophy of time travel.”