T F Torrance, the incarnation, and science

An excellent article by Todd Speidell in First Things about T F Torrance (formerly of this place, New College Edinburgh), and how his lone vision of a unity between science and theology made true sense of the incarnation of Christ, as pictured by the early church.

The article is here – http://www.firstthings.com/onthesquare/2013/06/what-scientists-get-and-theologians-donrsquot-about-thomas-f-torrance

And here is an extract:

“Torrance believed that modern theology remained trapped within dualist habits of thought that have plagued the mind of the Church since ancient times, damaging and disrupting its apprehension of the reality of our union with Christ. Dualism both ancient and modern resulted in an unfortunate conception of the universe as a closed, mechanistic continuum of cause and effect in which we cannot know things in themselves, but only as they appear to us. Within this so-called “scientific” outlook, the Incarnation became unthinkable, and theology as a rigorous intellectual discipline became impossible. Theological statements could only have meaning by way of reference to other statements, or to the human subject making them, but never in any real, substantial way to God in his own inherent reality. For Torrance, the ancient Nicene faith of the Church, and now the modern physical sciences, have both definitively illustrated the obsolescence of this outlook.”