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There is a brief biography of Davy Tulloch (1959 – 2000) written by Lee Tulloch on his on his memorial website.

Davy’s time with the Sheltland Band Hom Bru from 1980 is recorded in this extract from the group website:

Peter [Miller] and Gary [Peterson] had always wanted to try and perform their music to a wider audience, and in 1980 they decided to move to Edinburgh to play Shetland music to the world. This saw the departure of Alec on bass, as he had already had a period as a professional musician during the 70’s and didn’t want to go through the experience again. The band was joined by Stewart Isbister (bass guitar, vocals) and Davy Tulloch, a good friend already staying in Edinburgh, who was building a great reputation for himself around the city. The line up now was Gary Peterson (mandolin, tenor banjo), Davie Henry (vocals, tenor banjo, mandolin), Davy Tulloch (fiddle), Stewart Isbister (bass guitar, vocals) and Peter Miller (guitar, vocals). The sixth member of the band was sound engineer and roadie, Michael Stout from Fair Isle: the band now realised they needed someone who knew what they should sound like on the mixing desk. The band was taken under the wing of the Edinburgh Folk Festival, who had set up an agency, run by director Dr. John Barrow. This opened the door for the band in many ways by providing the opportunity to play to a wide and international audience, and led to them getting very high praise in the press. This also led to their first experience of a real studio when, with the help of John McKinnon, they went to Robin Morton’s Temple Studio to record a demo tape.

The band did a few tours with this line up, with highlights including a performance on the BBCs “Pebble Mill At One”, live to the nation, and a very memorable first venture abroad with a Scottish Tourism trip to Ridderkerk in Holland. The Ridderkerk gig was one of Davy Tulloch’s final appearances with the band as he wanted to do other projects, such as forming the band “Curlew”.





Shetland Fiddlers: Shetland Fiddlers On Stage
(LP, Thule Records SLP116, no date)

Side A: Da Sooth End (Willie Hunter Jr)/Peter’s Peerie Boat (T Anderson)/Mavis Grind (T Anderson)/Miss Jenny Slater (T Anderson); Da Lerwick Lasses/Da Scallowa’ Lasses/Underhill/Da Bonnie Lass o’ Bekka Hill; Faroe Rum/Aandowin at da Bow/Da Forefit o’ da Ship; Mangaster Voe (T Anderson)/The Headlands (R Cooper); Da Hill o’ Finnigarth (Peter Fraser)/Da Burn o’ Finnigarth(Peter Fraser); Gordon’s Favourite (R Cooper)/Da Laird o’ Gulberwick (T Anderson); Da Ferry Reel/Lay Dee At Dee/Spence’s Reel
Side B: Da Burn o’ Wiendia Little/Da Fashion o’ da Delting Lasses/Galley Watch/Kail an Knockit Coarn; Jim Anderson’s Delight (R Cooper)/Magnie o’ da Daeks (T Anderson); Auld Hill Grind/Fram Upon Him; Peerie Hoose Under da Hill/Sillocks an Tatties/Canna Get Me Mare Tamed; Da Unst Bridal March/Da Bride’s a Bonnie Ting; Oliver Jack/Willafjord

All tracks traditional except where indicated


Curlew: Fiddle Music from Shetland and Beyond

(LP, Topic Records 12TS435, 1985)

Side One: Tilley Plump/Auld Foula Reel/Oot and In da Harbour; Grenadier and His Lady/Eunssagh Vana; Da Oyster/Yonder Hills/Fit da Gutter; Childgrove/Muineira de Cabanas; Father Tom /Veronique’s Reel/Hamish’s Reel (all D Tulloch); Janne’s Reinlander/The Cambridge

Side Two: Da Cauld Nights of Winter/Square da Mizzen/Da Ness of Sound (D Tulloch); C’raad T’ou Goll My Veg Dhone?/Ta Dick Veg Er Yannoo Mie/Nancy (Tom Clough); Ramna Stacks/Da Spirit of Whisky/Gold for da Boannie Lasses; Two Norwegian Reinlanders; Alvadansur (P Hansen); Da Road to Houll (Anderson)/John Pottinger’s Compliments to Ronnie Cooper (Pottinger)/Simon’s Wart (Willie Hunter)

Davy Tulloch (fiddle), Veronique Nelson (fiddle), Dave Jackson (guitar, string bass)

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