Recordings of Artists Working in Scotland 1978

Recordings-1978 Massed-Fiddles

Those interested in the folk revival in Scotland will find this publication an essential resource and, of course, it covers other forms of music too.  Published by the Scottish Arts Council in January 1978 it is a:

…list of recordings of the work of artists living in Scotland… Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy and the Council gladly acknowledges the help in preparing the list given by: Elisabeth Hutchings; Kim Chambers, School of Scottish Studies, University of Edinburgh; Paul Hindmarsh, Scottish Music Archive; the Recording Industry.

The extract above shows the entries for “massed fiddles”, a genre which was quite popular at the time of publication. Unfortunately, solo and general fiddle music is scattered through the lists for “traditional”, “Scottish country dance bands”, “revival” and others. Nevertheless, it forms a very welcome snapshot of commercial music activity at a crucial time in Scotland’s musical history.