Glasgow Fiddlers, from the records

Fiddler's Close 2 Fiddlers Close, Glasgow

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642, ed. J D Marwick (Edinburgh, 1914), pp. 1-34 [accessed 6 August 2015]:

29 October 1574: Pipers, fiddlers, minstrels, vagabonds.

Item, it is statute and ordanit that na pyparis, fidleris, menstrales, or ony wther vagabundis, remane in this toun fra this tyme furtht during the tyme of the pest but speciall leif of the prouest or vnder the pane of scurgeyng and banisment; and alsua that na pure commone beggaris remane in this towne fra this furtht except thai that hes bene borne within burght and parochin or hes bene lang within the samyn, and that thai depart furtht of this towne within xxiiij houris nixt, vnder the pane of burnyng on the cheik; and ordanis tham that is permittit to remane, to cum to the tolbuytht and ressaue thair merkis the morn and gif in thair names, and gif it salbe fund that ony of the beggaris resaueris of the merkis trawell furtht of the burght or parrochin and cum in agane thairinto thair merkis sal be tane fra thame and thai banist for ewir.

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 3, 1663-1690, ed. J D Marwick (Glasgow, 1905), p. 492:

From Michaelmas, 1664, to Michaelmas, 1665

Item, to Robert Inglishe, the tounes musitiane, for his fiel : 20.00.00 Scots

Extracts From the Accounts of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 3, 1663-1690, p. 510:

From Michaelmas, 1685, to Michaelmas, 1686

Item, to the fidleris and drummers on the King’s birthday, four rex dalleris : 11.12.00 Scots