More on F.I.R.E.

An earlier post introduced a published paper on the Scottish fiddle revival in the United States by Deanna Nebel. We can now read her full thesis: SCOTTISH FIDDLING IN THE UNITED STATES: REVIVING A TRADITION AND MAINTAINING A COMMUNITY here.

Tim Macdonald national champion Scottish fiddler

Here is an image of the current from the current champion of Scots fiddling in the United States who, interestingly, plays on a period instrument:

Tim Macdonald, the reigning national champion Scottish fiddler, is our guest musician this Sunday at Incarnation Church. He offers a set of “divisions” upon Greensleeves, as well as traditional pibroch (piobaireachd) and more. Tim won the U.S. National Scottish Fiddle Open in September. Tim Macdonald has especially caught the attention of the fiddling world because of his performances on a gut-strung historical Baroque-era instrument. Many of the classics of the Scottish traditional repertoire do in fact originate from before the mid-18th Century. Plus, Tim’s interest in this genre stems from not only the Macdonald family heritage but also his interest in Baroque performance practice. He is both a violinist and a harpsichordist.                 

You can learn more about (and hear) Tim at his website here.