George Harvey-Webb and The Hostage


Fiddler George Harvey-Webb, who is the subject of other posts and dedicated pages in this blog, was associated with the stage in London. Here, in 1959, we see him playing with Theatre Workshop production of Brendan Behan’s The Hostage, directed by Joan Littlewood. This production was highly acclaimed and has been hailed as an influential example of music in popular theatre.

Hostage-1      Hostage-2

Fortunately for us the original cast can be heard on a gramophone record of the songs and music from the show. The final track is our fiddle Harvey-Webb playing a lively gig (sic) and reel.

Jig and Reel

I wonder whether he took some guidance from the great Irish fiddlers he might have heard in London pubs such as The Favourite that were famed for their traditional music around that time.