The fiddler wha ate a the pies

DAVID MCCALLUM in Violin Solos
DAVID MCCALLUM , who is Principal First Violin in the Scottish Orchestra, studied in Glasgow with the famous Verbrugghen and then at the Royal College of Music with Maurice Sons. He made his first public appearance at the ace of nine in Bonnybridge Town Hall. A cab met him at the station and drove him in state to the hall, where, after a heavy meal of pies it was discovered that he had left his fiddle and music in the train. After considerable anxiety the instrument was returned later in the evening on the same train on its return journey and he was able to appear before the concert ended.
Scottish Children’s Hour BBC Radio Times, 25 April 1934

David McCallum was born in Kilsyth in 1897 and died at Arundel, Sussex in 1972.