Tim Galsworthy, Chair


I’m a second year History PhD candidate at the University of Sussex. I hold a History BA from the University of Bristol and an American History MPhil from Selwyn College, Cambridge. My research explores American Civil War memory and the Republican Party in the civil rights era. I can often be found meandering around museums, memorials, and historic sites. For my inane views on these topics – and eclectic ramblings about sport, politics, and my collection of Presidential campaign ephemera – follow me on Twitter (@TimGalsworthy). And yes, I do know I look a bit like Benedict Cumberbatch!


Oresta Muckute, Contributions Editor

I am Oresta and I’m a first year History PhD student at the University of Leicester in September. My project is titled ‘Narratives of Loss during the Civil Wars in Ireland, Wales and England Compared, 1641–52’. It concentrates on the testimonies of maimed soldiers and war widows to answer questions about how ordinary people articulated their loss and attempt to measure their success in gaining help. Naturally, I have an interest in history and enjoy activities related to it. Apart from that, a lot of my free time is spent online. Although inevitably a good proportion of it is spent aimlessly browsing and having a giggle at a picture of some fat cat in a box, a lot of it is also spent reading various articles and blog posts. All students have experiences unique to them, and I would like to share mine in this format with both regular readers and those desperately searching for insight online the way I did (and still do) in preparation for my PhD. 


Giovanna Pasquariello, Contributions Editor 

I’m a first year PhD student in Classics at the University of Edinburgh. My main research topic is the relationship between the Celts and the Greek world during the Hellenistic age, with particular regard to the Galatians and their representation and territorialisation patterns. Raised by Italy, called by the world – as I like to describe myself, I firmly state that writing is one of the most powerful forms of expression. I hence aim to use this power in order to share my search for a ‘place’ in the world – which I bet that many of you can relate to – and how doing a PhD is helping me on this path.


Sonali Dhanpal, Publicity Editor

I am first year PhD student at the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape at Newcastle University.  My research focuses on colonial urban history and domestic architecture in two princely capitals cities Bangalore and Mysore, during high colonialism. It encompasses discussions of race, caste and class, missionaries, plagues and a whole range of events from the long enduring 19th and early 20th centuries. A doctoral candidate from a former British colony, India studying the bearing of colonialism on architecture and planning in the country that had formerly colonised it makes for many hilarious dinner party conversations. I am an architect by training from Bangalore, India and graduated in 2016 from the University of York, UK with a Masters in Conservation of Historic Buildings. While not worrying about the purpose of my existence and deciding whether UK or India is home, I indulge in heated political discussions, showing that South Asian women can be fiery, opinionated and yet hold their own in debates. I am interested in all types of beer, dachshunds, water colour painting and travelling. When not doing those, I spend copious hours correcting arbitrary generalisations of colonialism assumed by many and proving to my friends and family in India that there exist other careers apart from engineering and medicine.

Megan King, Publicity Editor

After completing my Master’s Degree at the University of Stirling, my research brought me to the University of Kent, where my doctoral project focuses on the processes of radicalization and mobilization of American colonists in the years leading up to the Revolutionary War. Although I’ve been studying in the UK for several years, York County, Pennsylvania is home. My little town lies in the Susquehanna Valley, somewhere in between Amish Country and the city streets that led John Adams to identify York as “the dirtiest place in the world.” Outside of the office, I’m most often found meandering through National Trust properties, obsessing over the Washington Capitals, or listening to my favorite true crime podcasts. For more insight into this exciting life I lead, follow me on Twitter @MeggieK33.


Rachel Wilson-Lowe, Topical Editor 

I am a 2nd year PhD student at the University of Glasgow, within the Social and Public Health Science Unit. My research explores women’s experiences of abortion, specifically how and why women are using online spaces to access services and share their stories. Originally from Atlanta Georgia, I moved to Scotland to do my Undergrad in Psychology at the University of Edinburgh and have been here ever since. Outside of academia, I spend my time running with my German Shepherd Skye, quoting facts from podcasts, and trying out yummy new recipes with my partner Steven. Find me on social media at @Rwilsonlowe and on the my Unit’s student twitter @SPHSUStudents.


Other committee members: Krysten Blackstone, Sam Grinsell, and Laura Harrison