Giovanna Pasquariello, Chair

I’m a second year PhD student in Classics at the University of Edinburgh. My main research topic is the relationship between the Celts and the Greek world during the Hellenistic age, with particular regard to the Galatians and their representation and territorialisation patterns. Raised by Italy, called by the world – as I like to describe myself, I firmly state that writing is one of the most powerful forms of expression. I hence aim to use this power in order to share my search for a ‘place’ in the world – which I bet that many of you can relate to – and how doing a PhD is helping me on this path.

Ellie Ralph, Vice Chair & Editor-at-Large

My name is Ellie Ralph and I have just started my second year of my self-funded PhD at Keele University in Politics & International Relations. I previously completed my Masters in Criminology & Criminal Justice at Keele in 2017, following on from receiving a BA in Criminal Justice from Liverpool John Moores University (First class with Honours) in 2016. My PhD focuses on Lebanese local NGO management of the Syrian refugee crisis and I intend to travel abroad to Lebanon for a few months to undertake my fieldwork. Given the current circumstances, unfortunately, this has been delayed and I have taken some time to adjust my timeline to still be able to complete the PhD within my aimed 3-4 year timeline, particularly as I am a self-funded student. Alongside my PhD, I am learning Lebanese Arabic and I teach at a university on a sessional contract.

Megan King, Publicity Editor

After completing my Master’s Degree at the University of Stirling, my research brought me to the University of Kent, where my doctoral project focuses on the processes of radicalization and mobilization of American colonists in the years leading up to the Revolutionary War. Although I’ve been studying in the UK for several years, York County, Pennsylvania is home. My little town lies in the Susquehanna Valley, somewhere in between Amish Country and the city streets that led John Adams to identify York as “the dirtiest place in the world.” Outside of the office, I’m most often found meandering through National Trust properties, obsessing over the Washington Capitals, or listening to my favorite true crime podcasts. For more insight into this exciting life I lead, follow me on Twitter @MeggieK33.

Craig Lennox, Publicity Editor

My name is Craig Lennox and I am reading for my Doctor of Education (EdD) part time at the University of the West of England, currently in my second year. My research looks at how neoliberal practices and the marketization of the UK higher education system may be affecting academic identities.

I’d like to use visual methods, participant led photo elicitation as my methodology hoping this provides both literal and metaphorical rich data.

Away from my studies I am kept busy looking after and hanging out with my 2.5 year old son, spending time with our cats Noodles and Dumpling. I love cooking Asian food, reading biographies, watching Korean TV dramas, listening to music and catching up with friends over nice food.

Rachel Wilson-Lowe, Topical Editor 

I am a 2nd year PhD student at the University of Glasgow, within the Social and Public Health Science Unit. My research explores women’s experiences of abortion, specifically how and why women are using online spaces to access services and share their stories. Originally from Atlanta Georgia, I moved to Scotland to do my Undergrad in Psychology at the University of Edinburgh and have been here ever since. Outside of academia, I spend my time running with my German Shepherd Skye, quoting facts from podcasts, and trying out yummy new recipes with my partner Steven. Find me on social media at @Rwilsonlowe and on the my Unit’s student twitter @SPHSUStudents.

Vesna Curlic, Topical Editor 

I’m a second-year PhD candidate in the School of History, Classics, and Archeology at the University of Edinburgh. My research considers migration, medicine and the immigrant body in late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century Britain. Previously, I worked on mental health, psychiatric institutions, and domesticity in the same period. I am originally from Toronto, Canada and moved to Edinburgh a year ago, essentially trading six months of winter for twelve months of rain (and I’m still undecided on which climate I prefer). When I’m not working on my PhD, I’m often found reading vintage mystery novels or exploring Edinburgh’s many nooks and crannies. I can be found tweeting about my research and my life at @vesnacurlic.

Grant Golub, Contributions Editor 

Grant Golub is a PhD candidate at The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), where his research broadly focuses on American grand strategy, foreign relations, and diplomatic history. His dissertation examines Henry Stimson and the War Department’s efforts to shape American grand strategy during the Second World War. He is the seminar coordinator for HY510: The LSE-Sciences Po Seminar in Contemporary International History and the editor of the LSE Department of International History Blog. He holds a BA in History and American Studies from Princeton University and a MSc in the History of International Relations from LSE. You can find Grant on Twitter at @ghgolub.

Ellis Mallett, Contributions Editor 

I’m a second year PhD Politics student at the University of Surrey with an MA in Diplomacy & Foreign Policy. My research develops a comprehensive neoclassical realist theory of overbalancing to explain why the United States consistently pursues strategic errors in its Iran and Cuba policies. Outside of academia, you can find me chain-watching The Sopranos, enjoying the outdoors and supporting Liverpool Football Club. I enjoy writing and reading about the subject of inclusion and diversity in the academy, particularly relating to social class as well as the representation of women in the field of foreign policy.

Séveric Yersin, Contributions Editor & Technical Editor 

I’m a first year PhD candidate at the University of Basel and at the School for Avanced Studies in the Social Sciences in Paris. After completing my History MA at the University of Lausanne, I worked as a scientific collaborator at the Free University Berlin where I organized an interdisciplinary conference on the centenary of WWI. My research explores the institutionalization of Public Health in Switzerland (1870s-1920s) with a focus on the fight against epidemics including the so-called “Spanish Flu” of 1918-1920. From a researcher’s point of view, living through the current pandemic is both exciting and extremely tiring, but mostly it is a very humbling experience : are historians really able to understand past pandemics in their complexity? Outside of academia, I spend my time reading Fantasy, learning Ving Tsun and drawing cute things for my nieces and nephews.