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Stop Making Fun of Your Students

By Richard Parfitt |   Something that’s bugged me ever since I started my PhD has been the number of my fellow academics that I see criticising their undergraduate students on social media, particularly on Twitter. Of course, you can see… Continue Reading →

Practice What You Teach

By Anna Maguire | My students constantly surprise me – asking challenging questions and taking seminar discussions in unexpected directions. But there are also less positive surprises. These always seem to rear their head in marking season as a series of increasingly exasperated questions and exclamations:… Continue Reading →

Marking! Gesundheit!

By Roseanna Doughty | Marking: Initial dose of 2 to 3 essays to be taken with copious amounts of cake. Then if necessary 2 essays every two hours. Do not exceed eight essays in a 24-hour period. Stop taking if you… Continue Reading →

Should They Pay? Should I Go?

By Richard Parfitt |   I’ve been having something of a moral dilemma as we begin the new academic year. After offering my services to pretty much everybody I could think of, I’ve been able to get myself some limited teaching… Continue Reading →

Tutorial teaching: Some Hints and Tips

Dr Amy Burge | For the past eighteen months, I’ve been working in the Institute for Academic Development as part of a team supporting tutors with their teaching and development. In that time, I’ve been lucky enough to meet lots of… Continue Reading →

Teach yourself to love teaching

By Aglaia Kempinski | In most disciplines, it is more or less expected that you should be tutoring at some point during your PhD. Now, there are two obvious reasons as to why that is a good idea. It looks good… Continue Reading →

Teaching Undergraduates for the First Time

By Felicity Loughlin | Being a PhD student can sometimes feel like a continual exercise in multi-tasking. Researching and writing up a thesis is often interrupted, thankfully, by attending or organising conferences, research trips, and giving papers. For me, one… Continue Reading →

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