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Advice on Presenting Research Overseas

By Ellie Yates | A month before I began my PhD, I was invited to present my proposed research in Lebanon. This was an amazing but intimidating opportunity! I accepted graciously as I had previous experience in sessional teaching for… Continue Reading →

Connecting internationally as an academic… and a Westerner

Andy Baxter | My PhD project doesn’t inherently seem like it involves a lot of travelling, so when I was given the opportunity to travel to Tanzania it was quite exciting. It’d be my first trip across the equator. It… Continue Reading →

Writing a Travel- Archaeology Blog: developing a pre-PhD project

By Zofia Guertin | When I was invited by Pubs and Publications to write a post about penning a travel-archaeology blog, I was thrilled! It proved that someone had read my nerdy blog! However, there was one small problem – I am… Continue Reading →

Two sides of the same coin: Academia in different countries

| by Elke Close Since I started my studies almost eight years ago, I have learned quite a few things: for one I quite like doing research, I love Ancient History and, perhaps the least surprising fact of all, academia is… Continue Reading →

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