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The magical powers of coffee (and tea)

By Amy Wooldridge | In a follow-up to her previous post about conference networking, Amy Wooldridge returns to tell us how to use coffee and tea as networking tools No matter how many times my fellow scientists deny it, based… Continue Reading →

Surviving Conference Season

By Laura Harrison | Every spring, legions of pale, marking-weary academics step blinking into the sunshine and congregate in the magical tradition that is a conference.  Due to the nature of the academic year, there is a disproportionate number of conferences… Continue Reading →

Your Choice of Caffeine (And What it Says About You)

By Fraser Raeburn | As we all know, a PhD is fuelled as much by caffeine as it is by intellect or research skills. Glancing around the shelves of the PhD office space at Edinburgh now, only books outnumber the various… Continue Reading →

A Necessary Evil: Applying for a tier 4 student visa

By Laura Harrison | With June just around the corner, most of the new crop of PhD students have received their acceptances, funding (hopefully) and are starting to make plans for September.  For international students, this means applying for your… Continue Reading →

Teaching Undergraduates for the First Time

By Felicity Loughlin | Being a PhD student can sometimes feel like a continual exercise in multi-tasking. Researching and writing up a thesis is often interrupted, thankfully, by attending or organising conferences, research trips, and giving papers. For me, one… Continue Reading →

Nooks and Crannies: Places to work on your PhD

By Gary D. Hutchison| ‘Wake up at 7.20am, travel into the office, sit down at the same desk every day.  Lunch at 12.45 (30-35 mins), two tea breaks, set off for home at 5pm on the dot.’ A typical working… Continue Reading →

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