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Why Your PhD Is A Metaphor

By Fraser Raeburn | We’ve had a run of guest posts lately which make bold cases for your PhD being a metaphor, be it a relationship or TV show. These posts have been both hilarious and incredibly popular, which coincidentally are… Continue Reading →

Sensing your PhD – a meditative video experiment

By Aglaja Kempinski | While we are all frantically tumbling into summer like yellow leaves left over from last autumn wondering where the time has gone, Pubs and Pubs has decided to stir things up a little. In what will hopefully… Continue Reading →

It’s Not You, It’s Me: Taking a Break from PhD Research

By Rachel Davis | The original concept for this post (before I went home for five weeks) was to write about working from home when home is 3,000+ miles away from the university you attend. HA! How ambitious! Besides the three… Continue Reading →

Scheduling Summer

By Audrey Scardina | Scheduling your summer as a PhD student can be complicated. First of all, everyone who knows you’re a student, but doesn’t quite get PhDs, probably thinks you’ll have time off. Secondly, conferences are happening every weekend, research… Continue Reading →

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