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Taking the PhD ‘Down Under’

By Lauren Elsie White | As a PhD student the opportunities to visit other universities across multiple continents rarely present themselves. So, when the University of Glasgow offered grants to visit the University of Sydney, it was one I could… Continue Reading →

Learning a new language while doing a PhD

By Sara Brouwer |   By the time I sat down to write the proposal for my PhD research, I knew that I wanted to learn the local language of my research setting. The empirical part of my research takes… Continue Reading →

To and From Hong Kong

By James Fellows and Vivian Kong | Something a bit different this week, with James and Vivian discussing their similar but opposite PhD trajectories: to and from Hong Kong. James: Hong Kong is perhaps most well-known as a commercial and financial… Continue Reading →

Research Trips: Making More of Your Time and Money

By Richard Parfitt | One of the most common difficulties when you start doing your archival research is planning visits abroad. Typically, these kind of trips consist of two or three weeks in a country of choice, in which time you… Continue Reading →

On my PhD experience in Sweden

By Kim Bergqvist | It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Those words aptly sum up my PhD experience. Being able to devote my time to my chosen topic – which to some people may seem… Continue Reading →

Inside the Eye: Completing the PhD Amidst the Greek Crisis

By Irene Goudarouli | In 2015, I was happy to be awarded my doctorate degree from the University of Athens in Greece. Hence, today I’m writing this piece in a different position than I was in over the last couple of… Continue Reading →

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