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How do you PhD?

By Lucie Whitmore, with Laura Harrison & Heather Carroll | As many of us are well aware, at least 25% of doing a PhD is remembering where that quote came from, or where you wrote that note about methodology that… Continue Reading →

Love, Marry, Kill: the Polybius edition.

By Elke Close | As an ancient historian, one of the questions I get asked most often is: ‘So if you’re working on something that happened over 2000 years ago, what sources are you using?’. The answer is that, thankfully, classicists… Continue Reading →

Dealing with Seventeenth Century Church Records

By Ben Rogers | All of us will encounter a variety of sources in our research, ranging from the hysterical to the down-right miserable. For those of us who look at the history of religious conflict in Scotland, the records… Continue Reading →

Let Your Computer Search Handwritten Notes

By Drew Thomas | Do you have a hard time remembering where you read something? Do you find yourself frustratingly searching through handwritten notes, looking for an example or page number? I do. There is an easy solution to this problem…. Continue Reading →

Primary Source Problems: Digital vs Physical?

By Ben Rogers | Interaction with primary sources is an essential element in each of our projects. Indeed, for most of us we would rather head straight into primary source work rather than dancing around the myriad of secondary literature…. Continue Reading →

“You have to go to Melbourne for research? Nice life”

By Sophie Cooper | Whenever I mention my doctoral research project people react with a mixture of glazed eyes, interest, and envy. The first two are pretty self explanatory when it comes to a doctoral topic – I personally think investigating… Continue Reading →

Bizarchives: Visiting Overseas Archives

By Niall MacGalloway | The majority of us involved in historical research will, at some point in our doctoral theses, be obligated to visit an archive. Whilst a good many doctoral students will choose to live close to their archives, for… Continue Reading →

Bizarchives: A Highland Journey

By Gary Hutchison | In the first of the series, Gary relates the story of his first visit to a local archive.  If you have visited any interesting repositories, or enjoyed any particularly unusual experiences in archives, please feel free… Continue Reading →

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