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Writing a Travel- Archaeology Blog: developing a pre-PhD project

By Zofia Guertin | When I was invited by Pubs and Publications to write a post about penning a travel-archaeology blog, I was thrilled! It proved that someone had read my nerdy blog! However, there was one small problem – I am… Continue Reading →

A Pubs and Pubs Coup

Roseanna Doughty | Here at Pubs and Pubs we felt we could not be long out done by the political gymnastics being performed by Boris Johnson, Donald Trump and co. Unwilling to thatch my head or assume another questionable hair… Continue Reading →

To Tweet or Not to Tweet

By Laura Harrison | Needless to say, a lot has been happening in the world in the last month. There are a variety of coping mechanisms: blanket forts, alcohol, blissful ignorance. Many people, as Fraser discussed following Brexit, have chosen to… Continue Reading →


By Fraser Raeburn | The catalyst for this post was an article I saw shared on social media during Holocaust Remembrance Day, talking about the ‘forgotten’ victims of the Holocaust, namely ‘Gays, Gypsies and Priests’. It reminded me somewhat of an… Continue Reading →


By Roseanna Doughty | It took a fair amount of agonising over finding that perfect photograph, which says ‘I am a serious yet glamourous and fun-loving academic’ but doesn’t make me look like I have a double chin, and a full-blown… Continue Reading →

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