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Should I join scholarly societies?

By Drew Thomas | On top of writing your thesis, teaching, and fulfilling all the other academic responsibilities required of a PhD student, one item that often gets neglected is scholarly societies. Should you join them? How many? Which ones?… Continue Reading →

The Return of the Self-Funder

Roseanna Doughty | Way back when we first launched Pubs and Publications, a whole 25,000 views ago, I wrote about my experience of starting my PhD as a self-funded candidate. We are now gearing up once again for the application… Continue Reading →

‘Good Old Fashioned Determination’: A Guide to Self-Funding

By Roseanna Doughty | The funding season is well under-way, the application window is closed and all that’s left to do is wait as the gods of academia toy with the fate of us mere mortals. For many the next… Continue Reading →

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