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Welcome our new committee members!

We at Pubs and Publications recently put out a call asking for new members to join our committee. We were absolutely blown away by the quality of applications we received. We would therefore like to use this post to introduce… Continue Reading →

Looking Back: The 5 Best Practices of My PhD

By Drew Thomas |   With a new academic year approaching and having graduated this past summer, I thought of no better a time to reflect on the best practices that helped me earn my PhD. It’s been about three… Continue Reading →

Pub Spotlight: Aikman’s Bar Bistro

Drew Thomas | Students in every university town or neighborhood have their favorite pubs, whether they be for a night of debauchery or a quiet night out with friends. Depending on the weeknight, the same pub might host both activities…. Continue Reading →

Your favourite drink and what it says about you (and your research)

by Elke Close ¦ Exciting times are ahead. Slowly the sun is gracing us with its presence, Eurovision is only a week away and the academic year is over, which means no more teaching, marking or occupying yourself with other… Continue Reading →

Mother Hen

By Simon Wyatt | Many a true word is spoken in jest. “Mother Hen” is no exception. The quip left my lips several drinks into the research group’s Christmas meal, after we had left the restaurant and made our way to… Continue Reading →

Drinking Professionally

By David Slotnick | As it’s prominent in the name of the blog, it’s only right that articles about the pub have featured here quite a few times. The unavoidable fact is that the pub is an important feature of university…. Continue Reading →

Pub or Perish? Socialising and success as a postgraduate

By Fraser Raeburn | I met a pair of newly-minted Masters students in the pub a few weeks ago. We had just attended a seminar on colonial genocide (always an icebreaker) and they were letting me regale them with my accumulated… Continue Reading →

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