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By Fraser Raeburn | The catalyst for this post was an article I saw shared on social media during Holocaust Remembrance Day, talking about the ‘forgotten’ victims of the Holocaust, namely ‘Gays, Gypsies and Priests’. It reminded me somewhat of an… Continue Reading →

Remembrance Day and (Not) Wearing the Poppy as an Historian

By Laura Harrison and Fraser Raeburn | November 11 is one of the few days of the year where history is placed at the centre of public discourse as Britain stops to commemorate the victims of war. Two of our resident historians,… Continue Reading →

Contentious Public Histories: The case of Ireland

By Gareth Lyle | History is not simply past events, but an ongoing tradition, and within any society there are those who despite adopt historical narratives for political reasons have no desire for engagement or discussion the past; I refer… Continue Reading →

Vanished? ‘Banished’ and the whitewashing of Australian history

By Fraser Raeburn | Before being seduced by the Spanish Civil War and its unending litany of acronyms, one of my main historical interests was the interaction between Aborigines and settlers in colonial Australia. It’s an aspect of history that has… Continue Reading →

Coffins, Cathedrals and Car Parks: Experiencing the Reburial of King Richard III

By Catherine Bateson | Unless you have been under a metaphorical car park, you will know that King Richard III was recently reburied in Leicester Cathedral. I have more than a scholarly interest in this event. Thanks to having ardent Tudor… Continue Reading →

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