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On being the only graduate in the family

By Oresta Muckute |   The issue of widening participation at universities is a well explored one: steps still need to be taken towards ensuring that people from under-represented backgrounds get a fair chance to start—and do well at—university. This… Continue Reading →

Should you do a PhD?

By Sam Grinsell | At this time of year, many students on UK masters programmes are being asked about their plans for next year. This can feel a bit intimidating: you’re only a couple of months into an intense postgraduate… Continue Reading →

Sustaining a postgraduate community: New History Lab, University of Leicester

Founded in October 2008 by a group of postgraduates determined to counter the isolation that seemed inevitably to come with postgraduate research, the idea was to gather together history postgraduates in a support network that prioritised tea, cake and pub…. Continue Reading →

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