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The magical powers of coffee (and tea)

By Amy Wooldridge | In a follow-up to her previous post about conference networking, Amy Wooldridge returns to tell us how to use coffee and tea as networking tools No matter how many times my fellow scientists deny it, based… Continue reading →

Letter to a young PhD student

by Hortense Le Ferrand |   Dear young PhD student, Having successfully graduated from my PhD in material science, I would like to pass on some advice so that you can fully enjoy the next few years. Since I did… Continue reading →

Networking your way through a PhD – and beyond!

By Amy Wooldridge | Networking is not a skill that comes easily for everyone, particularly the introverted and socially-awkward, like me. However, it is a key element of the PhD experience. If I were to choose just one way that… Continue reading →

One Down, A Lifetime to Go: Navigating Your First Conference

By: Krysten Blackstone | Disclaimer: Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on your perspective, you will find no horror stories here. Conferences are that non-required requirement of your PhD.  Excellent places to brush up on presentation skills, while simultaneously engaging in academic… Continue reading →

200 And Counting…

By Laura Harrison | Welcome to Pubs and Pubs’s 200th post! It started with six posts from our six original committee members, which we launched with nearly two years ago. We have been churning out at least two posts (almost) every… Continue reading →

On the Practicality of a Degree in History

By Rose Luminiello | As we rapidly approach the most festive time of the year, I am reminded that I will be facing that odious question from various family members and friends yet again: ‘What are you going to do with… Continue reading →

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