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Cecily Jones | Mental health problems among students has reached crisis proportions, according to recent reports[i]. While most research studies have focused on the mental health and well-being of undergraduate students, anecdotal evidence suggests that today’s postgraduates face unprecedented pressures… Continue Reading →

How to stay mentally healthy as a PhD student

By Marieke Krijnen | The mental health of PhD-students is an increasing cause for concern. A recent study conducted in Belgium found that one third of PhD-students was at risk of developing a common psychiatric disorder like depression. Unfortunately, this… Continue Reading →

The Loves that Dare to Speak Their Name

By Lloyd (Meadhbh) Houston |   The University of Oxford has a long and storied history when it comes to sexuality. Whether it be the epicureanism of Walter Pater, Oscar Wilde’s ‘love that dare not speak its name’, or Charles Ryder’s… Continue Reading →

PhD Silver Linings

By Laura Harrison | I have spent the last few days soaking up the sun in Lakefield, Canada, and a disturbing event has transpired – I am feeling somewhat optimistic about my PhD. It feels necessary to document this most rare… Continue Reading →

See Part I of this series on managing ADHD here. The last thing that I wanted to do after finishing my Master’s dissertation, was read more books.  After my recent diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, I was faced with more homework…. Continue Reading →

My PhD and My ADHD

There is a ‘rule of thirds’ when diagnosing Attention Hyperactive Deficit Disorder: One-third of children who are diagnosed with ADHD grow out of it, one-third continue to display symptoms in adulthood, and the remaining third represents those who are undiagnosed,… Continue Reading →

Is the ‘self’ becoming another point to score on a framework of excellence?

By Jessica Douthwaite | The place of one’s ‘self’ within the research process is a subject that no historian can avoid. Subjectivity has become an essential facet of academia, respected because it takes into account the personal influences that impact our… Continue Reading →

Hello Thesis, My Old Friend: Returning from a Leave of Absence

Hannah Hogan | ‘Leave of absence’ can feel a bit like a dirty expression in a culture that struggles to talk openly about mental health or “failure”. However, I was reassured that it’s not unusual for PhD projects to be put… Continue Reading →

I am a PhD student. Why can’t I talk about mental health?

By Elizabeth Corsar | If you type ‘mental health issues and academia’ into a search engine you will be presented with an array of articles and blogs on the subject, where PhD students and academics discuss their experiences of the… Continue Reading →

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