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The Ultimate Guide to Organising Your Very Own Conference

By Vanessa Tautter | Over a year ago, my colleagues and I decided to organise a conference at the University of Graz. For many of us, it was the last year at this particular university and, in a way, we… Continue Reading →

Which Strictly celebrity is your PhD?

By Richard Parfitt |     Continuing our long-running series of articles on ‘Which of these non-academic things is a metaphor for your PhD?’, and helping me to come up with a blog amidst my Saturday-night writer’s block, I’m going to… Continue Reading →

Shredding it, setting it ablaze, feeding it to the dog or: What to do when you are sick of your thesis

By Elke Close ¦ After Laura’s uplifting post about rediscovering your groove, this week I want to give you a little advice on what to do when you cannot stand the thought of anything remotely connected to your PhD thesis. Most… Continue Reading →

Can History stop #fakenews?

By Fraser Raeburn | #Fakenews is everywhere. While I wouldn’t go quite so far as Richard Evans and claim that we live in a postmodern, post-factual dystopia fuelled by literal interpretations of Foucault, we clearly live in a world where facts… Continue Reading →

Sensing your PhD – a meditative video experiment

By Aglaja Kempinski | While we are all frantically tumbling into summer like yellow leaves left over from last autumn wondering where the time has gone, Pubs and Pubs has decided to stir things up a little. In what will hopefully… Continue Reading →

Roses Growing Out of Their Mouths

Roseanna Doughty | The children’s author Lemony Snicket advised that ‘If writers wrote as carelessly as some people talk, then adhasdh asdglaseuyt[bn[ pasdlgkhasdfasdf’. The recent scandal involving the former Mayor of London and Labour MP Ken Livingstone has certainly been… Continue Reading →

Test Match Cricket Will Save Your Degree

By Richard Parfitt | When you’re working long hours in front of a laptop, the Netflix temptation is almost irresistible. It streams, it entertains and ‘oh no the next episode automatically started before I could exit, now I’ll HAVE to watch… Continue Reading →

A Trump by any other name? Fascism in modern politics

By Fraser Raeburn | Earlier this year I wrote about how the nationalist label affected the SNP and their image – as a concept, nationalism comes with a fair bit of historical baggage and it’s interesting to watch the SNP try… Continue Reading →

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