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Tracing transnational lives: a short guide for historians

By Maurice Casey | How do you track down historical evidence for individuals who operated in multiple countries and in various linguistic contexts throughout their lives? In a previous post, I talked about tracing the living descendants of research subjects…. Continue Reading →

PhD life for non-native English speakers

By Rossana Zetti | I still remember one of the first meetings with my supervisor. I had just submitted the first draft of the first chapter of my PhD thesis and, commenting on my clumsy and awkward English, he said:… Continue Reading →

Learning a new language while doing a PhD

By Sara Brouwer |   By the time I sat down to write the proposal for my PhD research, I knew that I wanted to learn the local language of my research setting. The empirical part of my research takes… Continue Reading →

American curse: How many languages do you speak?

By Drew Thomas | Being a student from the United States, yet studying across the pond in the UK, one quickly discovers a stereotype about Americans: they only speak English. Now it’s true that there are many other languages spoken… Continue Reading →

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