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Heartbreak and the PhD

by Elke Close | The end of a relationship is never easy. We’ve all been there. No matter what the circumstances are, it is always difficult to say goodbye to a part of your life that you shared with that one… Continue Reading →

Rambling for Research

By Maurice Casey | In a recent interview about his narrative history of the October Revolution, China Mieville described the transformative effect of visiting St. Petersburg for research. Walking streets hitherto only encountered in literary description, Mieville gained a unique sense… Continue Reading →

Up the Workshop!

Roseanna Doughty | A few weeks ago, one of my undergraduate students asked ‘what is race?’. This triggered perhaps the most useful discussion I have had all semester. We spend the rest of the tutorial arguing about definitions of race, the… Continue Reading →

An Insatiable Appetite for Anecdotes

By Maurice Casey | In a recent review of Michael Seidleman’s cultural history of the Spanish Civil War, Rob Stradling chastised Seidleman’s ‘insatiable appetite for archival anecdotes.’ Navigating the strange world of Irish-Soviet connections, I frequently come across weird archival finds that… Continue Reading →

The [Fill in the Blank] Historian: Academic Labels

Roseanna Doughty | When I first started the PhD I attended a meet and greet session. Introducing myself to my future colleagues- my name is… I am from… I work on… – I was immediately informed that I was a… Continue Reading →

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