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A Joint-PhD : The best of both worlds?

By Sara Zanovello | ‘Joint-PhD’, ‘co-tutelage of doctoral thesis’, ‘dottorato in cotutela di tesi’: when I first started my PhD at Padua University, I never thought I would refer to it in the next three years with such intricate names! My joint-PhD… Continue Reading →

Donald Trump and Higher Education

By Fraser Raeburn |  Donald Trump has been in the news lately, for some reason. Academics, with all those expectations to be ‘relevant’ and live in the real world (Glyn Davies notwithstanding), have been venturing any number of opinions about this…. Continue Reading →

Learning a new language while doing a PhD

By Sara Brouwer |   By the time I sat down to write the proposal for my PhD research, I knew that I wanted to learn the local language of my research setting. The empirical part of my research takes… Continue Reading →

Show No Fear: The Evolution of a PhD Journey

By Ryan McGuinness | In case we have not met, I am from the ‘Windy City’ of Chicago, Illinois.  On 5 September, 2012, I left my beloved home in the suburbs of my beloved city to spend the next four… Continue Reading →

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