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The Second Year Post-PhD

By Malcolm Craig | Last year I wrote a piece for P&P about the year after the PhD. It’s now (just over) two years since I viva’ed, so it seemed appropriate to revisit my previous post and offer some insights (or… Continue Reading →

Rejection and the PhD

by Elke Close ¦  Recently I saw this BuzzFeed in which Johannes Haushofer an assistant professor at Princeton put his CV on Twitter. Yet it isn’t the usual litany of awards, publications, research positions or other notable achievements, but rather one… Continue Reading →

A Second Chance

By Jim Bruce | I hated school. Looking back now I realise that many of the teachers were odd, but not in a charming way. A few were really disturbed and should not have been allowed near us, never mind… Continue Reading →

It’s Complicated: Your Long Term Relationship With Your PhD

By Anonymous | You keep hearing about this Phil. He’s in that book you took out of the library six months ago and just started reading, he was mentioned twice in lecture last week, even your favourite journal just published an… Continue Reading →

Three Degrees, One University: Confessions of a One-Institution Man

By Edwin Andrew Goi | I recently read an article shared on Facebook by the Times Higher Education entitled ’10 Steps to PhD Failure’. Hoping to avoid this doctoral apocalypse, I swiftly opened the link, only to find that I have transgressed… Continue Reading →

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