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Sustaining a postgraduate community: New History Lab, University of Leicester

Founded in October 2008 by a group of postgraduates determined to counter the isolation that seemed inevitably to come with postgraduate research, the idea was to gather together history postgraduates in a support network that prioritised tea, cake and pub…. Continue Reading →

Shredding it, setting it ablaze, feeding it to the dog or: What to do when you are sick of your thesis

By Elke Close ¦ After Laura’s uplifting post about rediscovering your groove, this week I want to give you a little advice on what to do when you cannot stand the thought of anything remotely connected to your PhD thesis. Most… Continue Reading →

Four academic career tips for PhD students

By Sam Grinsell | On 22 June 2017, Durham University played host to Ask the Experts, an event designed to help PhD students and early-career researchers (ECRs) understand how to approach the highly competitive academic job market. There were four… Continue Reading →

Can History stop #fakenews?

By Fraser Raeburn | #Fakenews is everywhere. While I wouldn’t go quite so far as Richard Evans and claim that we live in a postmodern, post-factual dystopia fuelled by literal interpretations of Foucault, we clearly live in a world where facts… Continue Reading →

Practice What You Teach

By Anna Maguire | My students constantly surprise me – asking challenging questions and taking seminar discussions in unexpected directions. But there are also less positive surprises. These always seem to rear their head in marking season as a series of increasingly exasperated questions and exclamations:… Continue Reading →

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