The PhD Experience


So Many Questions, So Little Time: Q&A With Current PhD Students

Krysten Blackstone | For the past two years, I have been one of the PhD students that does the ‘Welcome to the University’ talks to incoming Masters and PhD students. The session is a chance for the newbies to ask on-degree… Continue Reading →

Shredding it, setting it ablaze, feeding it to the dog or: What to do when you are sick of your thesis

By Elke Close ¦ After Laura’s uplifting post about rediscovering your groove, this week I want to give you a little advice on what to do when you cannot stand the thought of anything remotely connected to your PhD thesis. Most… Continue Reading →

Pubs and Publications: One Year On

By Laura Harrison | It started, as so many things do, at a wine reception.  Early in our orientation at the University of Edinburgh, the first year PhDs had a class on the virtues of maintaining a social media presence, and… Continue Reading →

Love, Marry, Kill: the Polybius edition.

By Elke Close | As an ancient historian, one of the questions I get asked most often is: ‘So if you’re working on something that happened over 2000 years ago, what sources are you using?’. The answer is that, thankfully, classicists… Continue Reading →

The Lasting Effect of Exiling 22 PhDs to the Woods for a Weekend

By Sarah Cassidy | Having just returned from three days of intense interaction with people outside of my own discipline (eek), I think some reflections on the Burn Retreat are in order.  Annually, PhD students from the University of Edinburgh go… Continue Reading →

The Three Minute Thesis Experience

By Laura Harrison | This past Friday I somehow found myself attempting to articulate my thesis to a group of academics in under three minutes.  If you haven’t heard of the 3 Minute Thesis competition, essentially you have three minutes, one… Continue Reading →

‘Everything I Learned, I Learned from the Movies’: Screening Irish History

By Roseanna Doughty | Last Saturday I attended the Scottish premiere of A Terrible Beauty. This was the last instalment in the Secret Histories: Screening Irish History series, which was hosted by the Edinburgh Filmhouse, in conjunction with the University of Edinburgh’s… Continue Reading →

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