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Shredding it, setting it ablaze, feeding it to the dog or: What to do when you are sick of your thesis

By Elke Close ¦ After Laura’s uplifting post about rediscovering your groove, this week I want to give you a little advice on what to do when you cannot stand the thought of anything remotely connected to your PhD thesis. Most… Continue Reading →

Your favourite drink and what it says about you (and your research)

by Elke Close ¦ Exciting times are ahead. Slowly the sun is gracing us with its presence, Eurovision is only a week away and the academic year is over, which means no more teaching, marking or occupying yourself with other… Continue Reading →

Two sides of the same coin: Academia in different countries

| by Elke Close Since I started my studies almost eight years ago, I have learned quite a few things: for one I quite like doing research, I love Ancient History and, perhaps the least surprising fact of all, academia is… Continue Reading →

Imagination, history, PhD writing, and Outlander

By Paul Jarvis | I often find myself day-dreaming as I tap away dolefully on my thesis, composing artful footnotes to bolster gimcrack arguments. I’m sure drifting away mentally is a common experience amongst PhD students, or anyone who has to… Continue Reading →

Classics: The Unacknowledged Hero behind an Era of Scientific Advancement

By Georgia Mystrioti | In this day and age, technological progress and the sciences have reached levels previously thought impossible. However, it can be easy to forget the important role Classics have played behind the scenes, especially in the midst of… Continue Reading →

Love, Marry, Kill: the Polybius edition.

By Elke Close | As an ancient historian, one of the questions I get asked most often is: ‘So if you’re working on something that happened over 2000 years ago, what sources are you using?’. The answer is that, thankfully, classicists… Continue Reading →

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