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Four Resources for PhDs Considering a Non-Academic Career

By Vesna Curlic | As the pandemic exacerbates what was already a challenging academic job market, many PhDs and early career researchers are considering working outside traditional academic jobs. Thinking about an alt-ac career can be daunting, but as a… Continue Reading →

A Non-Academic Career is Not A Failure

By Laura Harrison | Last month PhD student Charlotte Lauder wrote a vulnerable and powerful post for the Scottish Graduate School for Arts and Humanities blog. ‘Accepting You’re Ordinary and Saying Goodbye to an Academic Career’ is about her coming to… Continue Reading →

Predation and Punctuation

By Fraser Raeburn | A depressing thing about PhD projects is how ephemeral they often prove. You can put together some great initiatives, but without an established institution buying in, they tend to fade away as your time and effort… Continue Reading →

Brexit? More like Stressxit

By Andreea Ros | Depending on how you look at it, this has been either a particularly good week to write about coping with Brexit stress or a particularly bad one. If, like me, you’ve managed to lull yourself into… Continue Reading →

What should PhD students know about research funders? An interview with Jack Harrington, Wellcome Trust

For this week’s post we have an interview with Jack Harrington from the Wellcome Trust, on what PhD students and Early Career Researchers should understand about research funding bodies. Many thanks to Jack for sharing his time and expertise.  … Continue Reading →

Four academic career tips for PhD students

By Sam Grinsell | On 22 June 2017, Durham University played host to Ask the Experts, an event designed to help PhD students and early-career researchers (ECRs) understand how to approach the highly competitive academic job market. There were four… Continue Reading →

Marketing Academic Skills for a Non-Academic World

By Tyler Yank | Graduate work is a many-headed hydra. Grant writing, public speaking, journal editing, and group management represent a fraction of the hard skills we pick up as we navigate the tedious path of dissertation-writing and research. Yet,… Continue Reading →

Networking your way through a PhD – and beyond!

By Amy Wooldridge | Networking is not a skill that comes easily for everyone, particularly the introverted and socially-awkward, like me. However, it is a key element of the PhD experience. If I were to choose just one way that… Continue Reading →

The multi-versity: do you know your institution?

By Sam Grinsell | Universities serve a range of purposes, and employ vast numbers of people working in various roles that are far removed from the day to day life of an academic. This post is a personal account of… Continue Reading →

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