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Taking the PhD ‘Down Under’

By Lauren Elsie White | As a PhD student the opportunities to visit other universities across multiple continents rarely present themselves. So, when the University of Glasgow offered grants to visit the University of Sydney, it was one I could… Continue Reading →

Pressing Pause: Adulthood, Milestones and the PhD

By Fraser Raeburn | Over the course of one week in early August, two of my best friends got engaged to their respective partners. This was good news. I laughed, I cried, I covered up my tears in a manly fashion… Continue Reading →

“You have to go to Melbourne for research? Nice life” – Part Two

By Sophie Cooper | So, as I mentioned in my previous post, you have to have some idea of where you want to go to research, and when you want to go before you start writing funding applications. As I had… Continue Reading →

Vanished? ‘Banished’ and the whitewashing of Australian history

By Fraser Raeburn | Before being seduced by the Spanish Civil War and its unending litany of acronyms, one of my main historical interests was the interaction between Aborigines and settlers in colonial Australia. It’s an aspect of history that has… Continue Reading →

“You have to go to Melbourne for research? Nice life”

By Sophie Cooper | Whenever I mention my doctoral research project people react with a mixture of glazed eyes, interest, and envy. The first two are pretty self explanatory when it comes to a doctoral topic – I personally think investigating… Continue Reading →

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