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Should you do a PhD?

By Sam Grinsell | At this time of year, many students on UK masters programmes are being asked about their plans for next year. This can feel a bit intimidating: you’re only a couple of months into an intense postgraduate… Continue Reading →

The Legend of PhD: Ocarina of Limited Time

by Kasper Swerts | The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is the best video game ever made, period. In addition to the fascinating story, good gameplay and beautiful music, the thing that has always struck me in this game, and… Continue Reading →

Finding the right fit: choosing your dissertation topic

| by Elke Close Having recently talked about starting a PhD to several interested parties, I have noticed that when embarking upon one’s doctoral journey many potential PhD’s struggle with deciding on their dissertation topic. For me, as I am sure… Continue Reading →

Politics and PhDs: Conducting your Research like a Political Campaign

By Craig Kelly | “If you’re bright enough to do a PhD, you’re bright enough to find the funding” That was a recent response from a wannabe politician I asked about higher education funding in Scotland. We fund undergraduates, but… Continue Reading →

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