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Student Evaluations: Stop, Change or Continue?

By Fraser Raeburn | For the first time this year, I made my classes fill out anonymous student evaluations at the end of semester. To be honest, I would have done this earlier had I realised that providing tutorial-specific feedback wasn’t… Continue Reading →

Letter to a young PhD student

by Hortense Le Ferrand |   Dear young PhD student, Having successfully graduated from my PhD in material science, I would like to pass on some advice so that you can fully enjoy the next few years. Since I did… Continue Reading →

The Quest for Money

By Marc Jaffré | ‘Money is not the only answer, but it makes a difference’. When Barack Obama uttered these words it is unlikely that he had PhDs or academia in mind, but they carry great meaning for PhD students… Continue Reading →

The Dangers of Wishful Thinking

By Anna Maguire | I have a guilty habit. As I click through my social media cycle and vow to stop scrolling and start writing/reading/getting a life, there’s something that I always return to: property sites. Not just because I am… Continue Reading →

Top Tips for a Year Away from Academia

By Richard Parfitt |   If, like me, you get to the end of your master’s degree and you run out of energy or (probably) money, or you just want to take some time to decide whether to take your academic… Continue Reading →

The PhD Game: Will a Set Project be a Good Match?

By Hugh McDonnell | A fundamental question when considering a PhD is the kind of project you would undertake. Typically, there are two routes to PhD funding: one allows open applications for a project conceived of by the applicant him or… Continue Reading →

The Second Year Post-PhD

By Malcolm Craig | Last year I wrote a piece for P&P about the year after the PhD. It’s now (just over) two years since I viva’ed, so it seemed appropriate to revisit my previous post and offer some insights (or… Continue Reading →

Rejection and the PhD

by Elke Close ¦  Recently I saw this BuzzFeed in which Johannes Haushofer an assistant professor at Princeton put his CV on Twitter. Yet it isn’t the usual litany of awards, publications, research positions or other notable achievements, but rather one… Continue Reading →

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