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Autism and Academia : Challenges and Opportunities.

By Benjamin Anderson | I undertook my PhD because of my mental health. I am a high-functioning autistic student at the University of Edinburgh. For those who are unfamiliar with it, autism is a lifelong disability that impairs how individuals… Continue Reading →

Three approaches to doing research whilst managing anxiety

By Sabrina Islam | I have had anxiety disorders since I was an early teen. Being completely uneducated on the topic of mental health, I simply accepted this as a character flaw, or maybe even a hallmark of academic achievements…. Continue Reading →

How to hack the PhD Stress Test

By Aglaja Kempinski | Stress – and often interlinked with it, anxiety – seem to be part and parcel of writing a PhD. Advice to just “stress less”, as I so often hear it from doctors, parents or other concerned parties,… Continue Reading →

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