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Top Tips for Chairing a Conference Panel

By Drew Thomas |   Another summer has at last arrived and with it, a new conference season. Whether large conferences with overlapping sessions or a small postgraduate conference of only a few dozen scholars, you’ll likely be sitting in… Continue Reading →

Stop Trying to Read Everything: 3 Tips for Determining What to Read

By Drew Thomas |   The biggest lesson I’ve learned as a postgraduate student is that it’s impossible to read everything. Of course, no new postgrad believes this and spends the first month or so attempting to read at an… Continue Reading →

Millennial PhDs: Managing Your Online Presence

By Drew Thomas |   Can you imagine completing your PhD before the Internet? No online catalogues, no academic journal databases, no full-text search, no online language dictionaries — you had to read journal articles on printed paper! Yikes. But… Continue Reading →

Every App You Need for Your PhD

By Drew Thomas | When you’re first beginning your PhD, it can be a bit overwhelming. How in the world are you supposed to organize everything? Not just your reading lists, but other things. I have my thesis to write,… Continue Reading →

Preparing for your Literature Review: Best Practices

By Drew Thomas |   For many Ph.D. students, part of their first-year progress review includes submitting a literature review. While it seems nice that you get to spend nearly a year reading interesting books and articles about your research… Continue Reading →

How do you PhD?

By Lucie Whitmore, with Laura Harrison & Heather Carroll | As many of us are well aware, at least 25% of doing a PhD is remembering where that quote came from, or where you wrote that note about methodology that… Continue Reading →

Stop What You’re Doing & Back Up Your Data!

By Drew Thomas |   Technology has come a long way from the infamous Blue Screen of Death that signaled destruction for whatever document you might have been working on. Goodbye essay, hello staying up all night retyping everything. Today,… Continue Reading →

Non-Academic Careers: An interview with BBC History Magazine’s Rob Attar

By Drew Thomas | Believe it or not, academia is not the end all and be all for many PhD students. Many knew ahead of time they didn’t want to join academia, some figured it out along the way, and for… Continue Reading →

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