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Which British Detective Series is your PhD?

By Tim Galsworthy Last night I settled down to watch an episode of a detective series, something which I have done for as long as I can remember. As the events unfolded and I navigated the whodunnit, it dawned on… Continue reading →

Teaching Is Mostly About Learning: Handling Extreme Student Criticism

Anonymous | Last year while teaching, I got a truly terrible email from a student.  For the sake of privacy and confidentiality, I’m not going to post the entire letter here, but I’ll do my best to give you a… Continue reading →

What’s in it for us? Why we write for Pubs and Pubs.

From the Pubs and Pubs committee | Pursuing a PhD can sometimes feel overwhelming. Not only are we required to conduct an independent research project that makes an original contribution to our field, but we also typically find ourselves doing a… Continue reading →

‘Turn off your mind relax and float downstream’: How to get your PhD out of your head

By Sam Grinsell | One of the pieces of advice you’ll read a lot as a PhD student is that you should try to keep some time free from your work. But how do you actually do that? When it… Continue reading →

Getting up close and personal with procrastination

By Kathryn Machray | Procrastination is a relatively fundamental component of academic life – at least it is for me. Dithering about and delaying starting something that has a deadline attached is an irritating habit that has followed me throughout my… Continue reading →

New Year’s Resolutions 2019

From the learned minds of the Pubs and Pub Committee | As we finally drag ourselves away from the sofa, the television, and the excessive food and booze consumption that made the festive season an enjoyable if somewhat corpulent affair, we… Continue reading →

Stick or twist: what to do when you finish your PhD?

By Ian MacNeill | A twice weekly fever dream tells me that there is much more of my PhD behind me than in front of me. My submission date is not so much looming on the horizon as  staring me in… Continue reading →

Grief and the PhD

By Lizzie Evens | It is a truth universally acknowledged that a PhD student confronted with a problem must be in want of a dozen browser tabs following a frantic Google search. But, when confronted with the mammoth problem of bereavement,… Continue reading →

Should you do a PhD?

By Sam Grinsell | At this time of year, many students on UK masters programmes are being asked about their plans for next year. This can feel a bit intimidating: you’re only a couple of months into an intense postgraduate… Continue reading →

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