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Health, Stress and the PhD

By Laura Harrison | Last week Sophie talked about how an unexpected house move impacted her PhD experience. This led to a discussion amongst the Pubs and Pubs committee about other instances that have thrown us off the course of our… Continue reading →

Connecting internationally as an academic… and a Westerner

Andy Baxter | My PhD project doesn’t inherently seem like it involves a lot of travelling, so when I was given the opportunity to travel to Tanzania it was quite exciting. It’d be my first trip across the equator. It… Continue reading →

Moving House and Stressing Out

Sophie Almond |   I think we can all agree that doing a PhD can, at times, be an extremely stressful experience. Conducting primary research, working to tight deadlines, and filling in endless amounts of paperwork takes its toll. Luckily,… Continue reading →

Experiences of a part-time PhD student

Jake Turbill |   Hi, I’m Jake, and I’m a part-time PhD student. It has taken me a long time to reach this point, due to a number of factors. Initially, I asked myself a few questions: Which University should I… Continue reading →

‘Reimbursement Culture’ and Widening Participation in Academia

By Sarah Thomson | Last week, shortly after booking my first overseas PhD research trip, I found out that I’d had a paper proposal accepted by a major conference. Though both of these events were exciting, I swiftly realised that… Continue reading →

How to Defraud Your University: A Guide for Impostors in Academia

Claire E. Aubin | Before we dive in, it is worth warning you ahead of time that the following blog post aims squarely at one of the many intersections of academic insecurities and mental health. It’s an experience that many… Continue reading →

An Ode To Co-Working

By Louise Morgan |   I have always been very much an introvert. There is nothing I enjoy more than sitting in my room with a book and a cup of tea (read: glass of wine) and talking to absolutely nobody…. Continue reading →

How I Use Evernote to Organize my Secondary Source Research

Karl Dahlfred | When it comes to masters and doctoral work, the key to a successful thesis or dissertation is organizing your data. It is great that you are learning all sorts of relevant and interesting information, but will you be… Continue reading →

Adventures beyond the fundingworld: some reflections on not finishing my PhD within 3 years.

By Ian MacNeill | There are some things in life that you simply can’t avoid: taxes, disappointing sports results (although being Scottish I feel like I endure more of these than is fair), and, not including prequels, Game of Thrones is going… Continue reading →

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