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The floor is yours #2 – A look outside academia. Interviewing BIPOC beyond the PhD

Today’s interviewee is a school student who lives in Italy. Her family is from Ecuador, and she will answer our questions on her experiences of racism. The interview is published anonymously and with the permission of the student and parent…. Continue Reading →

The floor is yours #1 – A look outside academia. Interviewing BIPOC beyond the PhD

Today’s interviewee is an Italian Peruvian former university student, who will talk about her experiences of racialization and struggling for identity. Even though she will not speak from a doctoral perspective, we felt like her testimony will add to the… Continue Reading →

5 Resources to Boost Mental Health and Wellbeing

By Megan King | If you’re struggling with mental health, it’s usually best to seek help from a trained professional, but for some of us, perceived and/or actual obstacles may make mental health services feel inaccessible. Sometimes, the thought of… Continue Reading →

Autism and Academia : Challenges and Opportunities.

By Benjamin Anderson | I undertook my PhD because of my mental health. I am a high-functioning autistic student at the University of Edinburgh. For those who are unfamiliar with it, autism is a lifelong disability that impairs how individuals… Continue Reading →

May Committee Post: Take Care of Yourself

This month is Mental Health Awareness Month here at Pubs and Publications. In this vein, our committee is talking about the best steps for preventative care – our self-care routines! Self-care means radically different things to different people, and our… Continue Reading →

*Announcement* BIPOC month

The 25th May signs one year from George Floyd’s death. His murder ignited a wave of protests against the police violence in the US, and in specific against police racial brutality over Black Americans. In June 2020, anti-racial protests had… Continue Reading →

How to Reset After a Setback

May is Mental Health Month here at Pubs & Publications and as part of that, I want to talk about something I don’t hear discussed very much in academic circles – resetting after a difficult time. There are a lot… Continue Reading →

Reading outside of your bubble.

by Séveric Yersin | Last year, I started to write short critics of newly published books for a daily newspaper. I write approximatively one critic per month. Since I do this voluntarily, I choose the book freely depending on what… Continue Reading →

Palomar, or how to get lost on the way to knowledge

By Giovanna Pasquariello Palomar is a novel by the Italian author Italo Calvino. It is not the best novel I have read, nor the one with the most intriguing plot or a dynamic and well-rounded protagonist. To be honest, I… Continue Reading →

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