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Taking the PhD ‘Down Under’

By Lauren Elsie White | As a PhD student the opportunities to visit other universities across multiple continents rarely present themselves. So, when the University of Glasgow offered grants to visit the University of Sydney, it was one I could… Continue reading →

Singing through the Pensions Strike

By Richard Parfitt |   Sitting in my office in Oxford’s Clarendon Building during last month’s UCU strike was an experience in how sound can shape and project industrial action.   I passed the picket line each morning. As a member… Continue reading →

Music helps you take control

By Ian MacNeill | Let’s face it, no matter how ‘exciting’ your PhD topic might be, or how exotic the places you visit for field work are, most of your life as a PhD student will be spent sitting starring at… Continue reading →

School’s (not) out for summer

By Ian MacNeill | As many of you will no doubt have noticed, academic conference season has begun in the realm of Higher Education. Conferences are an important aspect of the PhD experience, and attending them at varying stages of your… Continue reading →

How do you pass time on the train?

By Laura Harrison | It’s conference season! The editors of Pubs and Publications recently wrote a post with our conference tips, but we did not discuss one of the crucial aspects of conferences – the travelling. The following list will reveal… Continue reading →

Self-Reflection in Academia

By Aleksandra Szczodrowski | Diversity is one of the key terms of the early 21st century. Much effort is directed at creating and fostering inclusive and diverse living and working conditions, and academia is no exception to this. Yet, academia… Continue reading →

A Guide to Planning a Productive Writing Retreat

Krysten Blackstone | On Friday we published a post about productivity chalk full of useful tips.  But sometimes when I get into a really bad rut, I struggle to focus on writing at all.  It is always writing that is the… Continue reading →

Stop Making Fun of Your Students

By Richard Parfitt |   Something that’s bugged me ever since I started my PhD has been the number of my fellow academics that I see criticising their undergraduate students on social media, particularly on Twitter. Of course, you can see… Continue reading →

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