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Stick or twist: what to do when you finish your PhD?

By Ian MacNeill | A twice weekly fever dream tells me that there is much more of my PhD behind me than in front of me. My submission date is not so much looming on the horizon as  staring me in… Continue reading →

A Guide to Surviving the Second-Year Slump

By Emily Betz |   As we near the end of November many of us are now settled into the second year of our PhDs, myself included. While the second year means different stages of work for different subjects, what seems… Continue reading →

Adventures in Academia-Land: Down the Research Rabbit Hole

By Sophie Almond |   Somehow I have survived the first month of my PhD. It has certainly been a baptism of fire – I have presented papers at three conferences in as many weeks, had my first official supervision… Continue reading →

So You’ve Decided to Change Specialism…

By Louise Morgan |   Having started my PhD just over a month ago, I have spent a lot of time recently meeting new people and explaining my research quickly to them. Since my research is fairly contemporary, the follow… Continue reading →

How do you Ask the Perfect First Conference Question?

By Tim Galsworthy Conference season is upon us once again. Graduate students are setting off all over the country, and all over the world, going to fascinating conferences and finding cheap rooms to stay in. Many at the start of… Continue reading →

The Ultimate Guide to Organising Your Very Own Conference

By Vanessa Tautter | Over a year ago, my colleagues and I decided to organise a conference at the University of Graz. For many of us, it was the last year at this particular university and, in a way, we… Continue reading →

Podcasting and the PhD Part 2: the technical side of the force

By Ian MacNeill This week’s guest post is part 2 of my interview with Lauren Miley and Tayler Shreve from the Crimeversation podcast. On Monday, Lauren and Tayler spoke about the origins of Crimeversation and about the guests and cases their… Continue reading →

Podcasting and the PhD: an interview with Lauren Miley and Tayler Shreve from Crimeversation

By Ian MacNeill and Lauren Miley First invented by software developer Dave Winer, listening to podcasts became a ‘thing’ back in 2005 (the same year YouTube was founded!), when iTunes began carrying podcasts. Podcasts have since become one the most prominent cultural… Continue reading →

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