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Five Years of Pubs and Pubs

Krysten Blackstone | ‘It started, as so many things do, at a wine reception.’ Laura Harrison, founding and long-time committee member, wrote those words in February of 2016 to celebrate the first anniversary of Pubs and Publications, fondly known to… Continue Reading →

Welcome our new committee members!

We at Pubs and Publications recently put out a call asking for new members to join our committee. We were absolutely blown away by the quality of applications we received. We would therefore like to use this post to introduce… Continue Reading →

Why on earth would you do a PhD?

By Tim Galsworthy | But why are you doing a PhD? But why are you doing that particular PhD? These are questions every single one of us undertaking a doctorate have been asked. From funding applications, to the first meetings with… Continue Reading →

What kind of holiday is your PhD?

By Sam Grinsell and Virginia Calabria | As the nights start getting longer and the campus fills up with undergraduates again, the summer holidays already seem to be fading into distant memories. To hold onto these memories a little longer,… Continue Reading →

Sustaining a postgraduate community: New History Lab, University of Leicester

Founded in October 2008 by a group of postgraduates determined to counter the isolation that seemed inevitably to come with postgraduate research, the idea was to gather together history postgraduates in a support network that prioritised tea, cake and pub…. Continue Reading →

Your favourite drink and what it says about you (and your research)

by Elke Close ¦ Exciting times are ahead. Slowly the sun is gracing us with its presence, Eurovision is only a week away and the academic year is over, which means no more teaching, marking or occupying yourself with other… Continue Reading →

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