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The Dream of Better Nights. Or: Troubled Sleep in Modern Times.

By Séveric Yersin | “Wanna learn more about your sleeping habits and create a better routine?” asks one of the smartwatch producers dominating the market. “When I fall asleep,” the woman explains in the dedicated ad, my watch “checks my… Continue Reading →

Summer Quiz: What kind of annoying PhD candidate are you?

By Séveric Yersin | Does everybody roll their eyes when you talk about your research? It’s time to be honest and face the truth: PhD candidates aren’t the most beloved, the most interesting, the most fun people there are. Their… Continue Reading →

Autism and Academia : Challenges and Opportunities.

By Benjamin Anderson | I undertook my PhD because of my mental health. I am a high-functioning autistic student at the University of Edinburgh. For those who are unfamiliar with it, autism is a lifelong disability that impairs how individuals… Continue Reading →

Reading outside of your bubble.

by Séveric Yersin | Last year, I started to write short critics of newly published books for a daily newspaper. I write approximatively one critic per month. Since I do this voluntarily, I choose the book freely depending on what… Continue Reading →

Technology can be overwhelming

By Séveric Yersin | Sometimes, technology can be overwhelming.  I once looked around me while working from home. I was surrounded by hi-tech gadgets. Laptop, monitor, smartphone, tablet, e-reader, headphones, wireless devices, and so on: technology was everywhere. I realised… Continue Reading →

‘Go with the flow’: why a PhD is like a river.

By Daniel Adamson | Neither metaphors nor similes tend to carry much weight in real life. With respect to both Roman Keating and Forrest Gump, knowing that life is a rollercoaster or like a box of chocolates is unlikely to… Continue Reading →

What Historians have to offer in these troubled times.

By Séveric Yersin |   Hey PhD candidate : have you ever been asked about the purpose of your research, or the utility of your field? I – just like every historian – have. 2020, however, might give us an… Continue Reading →

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