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Committee Post: Academic Summer Vacation Plans

Here at Pubs and Pubs are big proponents of rest, relaxation, and work-life balance during the PhD experience. This month, we’re talking summer vacation. Even though travel is still limited, we’re encouraging you to take your annual leave and spend… Continue Reading →

May Committee Post: Take Care of Yourself

This month is Mental Health Awareness Month here at Pubs and Publications. In this vein, our committee is talking about the best steps for preventative care – our self-care routines! Self-care means radically different things to different people, and our… Continue Reading →

How to Reset After a Setback

May is Mental Health Month here at Pubs & Publications and as part of that, I want to talk about something I don’t hear discussed very much in academic circles – resetting after a difficult time. There are a lot… Continue Reading →

Committee Post: Big, Bad Habits

Let’s face it… We all have bad academic habits. It’s easy to slip into them and they’re hard to give up. Studies show it takes at least 21 days to break a habit, so this month, we asked our committee… Continue Reading →

Embracing the Digital: A Review of Scrivener for PhD Students

I admit, I can be a little old-fashioned when it comes to research and writing. While you’d still need to pry my paper planner out of my hands, the pandemic has changed the way I write and compile research. As… Continue Reading →

Committee Post: New Year, New Us

Welcome to 2021, Pubs and Publications readers! It feels surreal that it’s a new year already, with 2020 feeling like it lasted five minutes for some of us and ten years for others. With hope in our hearts, the whole… Continue Reading →

Committee Post: The Silver Linings of 2020

It’s undoubtably been a rough year – and even that might be an understatement. Here at Pubs & Publications, we’ve spent a lot of the past few months talking about the challenges that the pandemic has posed for us all… Continue Reading →

An Academic Gift Guide for PhD Students

By Vesna Curlic | I’m not sure if this is a universal feeling, but this year – probably in response to the many exhausting challenges 2020 has held – I am particularly keen to start the festive season! Though it… Continue Reading →

Committee Post: Preparing for a New Term

This term is shaping up to be much like the rest of 2020 – unprecedented, uncertain, and stressful. Nevertheless, theses continue to be written, books continue to be read, and tutorials continue to be taught. Our committee (and our wider… Continue Reading →

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