The PhD Experience

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Experiences of an International Student

By Giulia Engel |   In July 2018 I got a six-month scholarship from the Brazilian government to study abroad and I applied to the University of Edinburgh to work under the supervision of the social historian of medicine, Dr Gayle… Continue Reading →

Taking time to reflect

By Sophie Almond | Whilst summer heralds the beginning of long hot days, ice creams in the park, and a gloriously empty library, it also marks the end of the academic year. Having begun my PhD in October 2018, I now… Continue Reading →

Planning a research day trip

By Sophie Almond |   Research day trips are, in many ways, the bread and butter of the PhD experience. Sure, you want to write 80,000 words on a very-interesting-but-very-obscure topic, but how are you going to do that without… Continue Reading →

Moving House and Stressing Out

Sophie Almond |   I think we can all agree that doing a PhD can, at times, be an extremely stressful experience. Conducting primary research, working to tight deadlines, and filling in endless amounts of paperwork takes its toll. Luckily,… Continue Reading →

Experiences of a part-time PhD student

Jake Turbill |   Hi, I’m Jake, and I’m a part-time PhD student. It has taken me a long time to reach this point, due to a number of factors. Initially, I asked myself a few questions: Which University should I… Continue Reading →

How to Defraud Your University: A Guide for Impostors in Academia

Claire E. Aubin | Before we dive in, it is worth warning you ahead of time that the following blog post aims squarely at one of the many intersections of academic insecurities and mental health. It’s an experience that many… Continue Reading →

A Guide to Surviving the Second-Year Slump

By Emily Betz |   As we near the end of November many of us are now settled into the second year of our PhDs, myself included. While the second year means different stages of work for different subjects, what seems… Continue Reading →

Adventures in Academia-Land: Down the Research Rabbit Hole

By Sophie Almond |   Somehow I have survived the first month of my PhD. It has certainly been a baptism of fire – I have presented papers at three conferences in as many weeks, had my first official supervision… Continue Reading →

Taking an Academic Gap Year

By Sophie Almond |   As the summer months come to a close and September fast approaches, a new academic year is upon us once again. Whilst some people immediately transition between the end of their MA studies and the start… Continue Reading →

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