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Dancing your way to the First Year Review

By Sarah Leith | Let me take you back to the start of my doctoral studies last year. Standing apprehensively in the back right hand corner of an unfamiliar dance studio, I find myself part of a group of around… Continue Reading →

In praise of citations

By Sam Grinsell | To students, academia’s insistence on citation can seem confusing and overly rigid. Why should their essays be accompanied by crawling ant-like footnotes or a string of bracketed names and dates? The deeper one goes into the… Continue Reading →

Join Pubs and Publications!

By the Committee | We are excited to announce that we are recruiting new committee members this summer. Pubs and Publications – AKA ‘Pubs and Pubs’ – is a blog run by and for PhD Students. We aim to cover… Continue Reading →

Which cult TV show is your thesis?

One of the challenges of writing a PhD is maintaining an argument throughout such a long text. Ideally, we would probably also want the style of our various chapters to hang together as well. So sometimes it pays to look… Continue Reading →

A PhD as work and learning

This post has been removed, with the agreement of the author. It referred to conversations that took place as part of a confidential event, which should not have been shared outside that event. Although it was not possible to identify… Continue Reading →

Tracing transnational lives: a short guide for historians

By Maurice Casey | How do you track down historical evidence for individuals who operated in multiple countries and in various linguistic contexts throughout their lives? In a previous post, I talked about tracing the living descendants of research subjects…. Continue Reading →

Three tests for a new university

By Sam Grinsell | Something is afoot in UK universities. Fourteen days of strikes about pensions have brought together staff from across different generations, roles and departments. On the picket lines and on social media, supported by students dissatisfied with… Continue Reading →

The Solidarity of Doubt: UK Higher Education strikes

By Sam Grinsell and Krysten Blackstone | With strikes looming in many UK universities, PhD students and Early Career Researchers (ECRs) find themselves trying to work out where they fit in to this sector wide debate. At least, those who… Continue Reading →

Opening up about teaching

By Sam Grinsell | Back in 2016, I worked for six months in a Technology Enhanced Learning department. You might also come across these groups under names such as Educational Technologies or Learning and Teaching, it varies from institution to… Continue Reading →

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