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Money, money, money! (August Committee Post)

This month’s committee post is all about budgeting during your PhD! From research costs, to paying for conferences, to balancing your own personal finances, our committee gives you all the tips and tricks! Vesna Curlic Financial planning for PhDs is… Continue Reading →

Committee post: BIPOC month

This month Pubs and Publications is honoring the experiences and knowledge of people of color within academia! Unfortunately, in academic circles and wider social contexts, POC voices are not amplified to the same degree as white perspectives. This systemic erasure… Continue Reading →

How green spaces can improve our mental well-being as PhD students

Mental ill-health among PhD students has been acknowledged for years, with little improvement despite various wellbeing initiatives. And this last year, with the significant impact of Corona virus on our research and lives more broadly, this trend of poor mental… Continue Reading →

Inspiration and perspiration: Committee post

Your PhD is started with inspiration, from a person or a movement or your background. Whatever it is, this spark is what keeps you going during the difficulties that inevitably pop up during the process. But sometimes, in the midst… Continue Reading →

Committee Post: Loving your PhD

In honor of Valentine’s day we decided to show a little love to our PhDs! Whilst the process of obtaining your doctorate can be difficult, full of trials and tribulations, there is also something so special in creating and nurturing… Continue Reading →

Throwing out the To-Do List

Ok, hear me out! I know the to-do list is a favorite among PhD researchers. It can provide a much needed structure and sense of accomplishment, both of which can be scarce in our lone pursuit of our degree. And… Continue Reading →

Committee Post: preparing for the ‘virtual’ conference!

So it doesn’t look like the COVID-19 pandemic is ending anytime soon. And with that comes virtual conferences for the foreseeable future. Whilst not entirely different from in-person presentations (still nervously biting my nails before I speak), there are some… Continue Reading →

Memes, Glorious Memes!

By: Rachel Wilson-Lowe So in response to this crazy COVID world (and the fact that some new PhD students will be starting at the end of this month), I thought today’s post should be a little escape from reality! I… Continue Reading →

Resources We’ve Found Useful During COVID

As we continue to navigate this global pandemic, this month’s committee post is all about the resources we have found helpful as PhD students during COVID!   Giovanna Pasquariello I have been lucky enough during the pandemic: my project did… Continue Reading →

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