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Hidden Course Costs

By Roseanna Doughty | Last week I spent a couple of days at the archives carried out a survey of television programmes on Northern Ireland from the 1970s and 80s. It was the last of my archive trips- whoop, whoop- and I… Continue Reading →

Here us roar!: Women Role Models in Academia

By Roseanna Doughty | I was talking about the English Civil War with a group of undergraduates a few months ago, when to my horror one of my young female students remarked that the history of wars was really just for boys…. Continue Reading →

Rambling for Research

By Maurice Casey | In a recent interview about his narrative history of the October Revolution, China Mieville described the transformative effect of visiting St. Petersburg for research. Walking streets hitherto only encountered in literary description, Mieville gained a unique sense… Continue Reading →

It’s (Still) Complicated: Keeping the Magic Alive

By Roseanna Doughty | This blog was influenced by one of our previous blog posts It’s Complicated: Your Long Term Relationship With Your PhD, however, it has not been written by the same author. Thank you to our Anonymous contributor for… Continue Reading →

Up the Workshop!

Roseanna Doughty | A few weeks ago, one of my undergraduate students asked ‘what is race?’. This triggered perhaps the most useful discussion I have had all semester. We spend the rest of the tutorial arguing about definitions of race, the… Continue Reading →

Vocab building for Historians

By Maurice Casey | Previously on the blog, Sara Brouwer offered some useful tips on learning language for your PhD. But historians sometimes tackle language learning from a separate viewpoint to other social scientists. Indeed, we are often in a minority… Continue Reading →

Marking! Gesundheit!

By Roseanna Doughty | Marking: Initial dose of 2 to 3 essays to be taken with copious amounts of cake. Then if necessary 2 essays every two hours. Do not exceed eight essays in a 24-hour period. Stop taking if you… Continue Reading →

Failure Thy Name is….

Roseanna Doughty | A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about how we rarely take the time out of our PhDs to celebrate our achievements and encouraging you all to go treat yourself to cake or do a little… Continue Reading →

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